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ParallesLogo HostingMetro Windows 2008 Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are powered with Hyper-V, Microsoft's latest virtualization platform.
Hyper-V is a hypervisor-based technology that provides server virtualization separating and isolating each virtual machine on the same server.
Each Hyper-V VPS plan includes a dedicated operating system (Linux or Windows) and functions exactly like a standalone physical dedicated server.
Because of this, our virtual private servers powered by Hyper-V give you total control over your virtual environment and perform exactly like a Windows 2008 dedicated server but without the high costs associated with it.

All of our Hyper-V VPS plan users get Administrative access to their virtual environment, and you can easily configure your resources through a dedicated control panel including increase resources, associating additional IPs and installing additional software as your business needs change.

Our Hyper-V VPS plans have everything you need in a dedicated server starting at just $29.95/Month.

Hyper-V Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9
Monthly Fee
1 month $29.95 $39.95 $49.95 $59.95 $79.95 $89.95 $109.95 $129.95 $149.95
3 month $28.45 $37.95 $47.45 $56.95 $75.95 $85.45 $104.45 $123.45 $142.45
6 month $26.96 $35.96 $44.96 $53.96 $71.96 $80.96 $98.96 $116.96 $134.96
12 month $23.96 $31.96 $39.96 $47.96 $63.96 $71.96 $87.96 $103.96 $119.96
Plan Detail
CPU Shared
Storage 20 GB 40 GB 60 GB 80 GB 100 GB 120 GB 140 GB 160 GB 180 GB
RAM 384 MB 512 MB 768 MB 1066 MB 1333 MB 1600 MB 2000 MB 2285 MB 2666 MB
Bandwidth Unmetered
IP 2 Included

Hyper-V Features

With Hyper-V VPS plans, you receive larger memory support, easy access to backup/restore tools and increased balancing that will help ensure that your site is up when you need it. New and Improved Architecture:Increased support and improved security and performance are enabled by the Hyper-V Server core architecture.

Extensive Operating System (OS) Support:

Running both 32 and 64-bit systems across various server platforms including Windows, Linux and others, are given extensive support by Microsoft Hyper-V Hosting. This support means that different types of operating systems are able to run simultaneously on the same physical server. New Hardware Sharing Architecture: The new virtual service provider to virtual service client architecture, means that our Hyper-V VPS plans are able to provide improved use and access of core resources including:
  • Disk
  • Networking
  • Video

Virtual Machine Snapshot :

Windows Server Virtualization provides our users with the ability to take snapshots of a running machine, and easily revert to a previous state; it improves recoverability as well as improves overall data back-up.


Because Hyper-V Hosting technology provides support for multiple processors and cores, it also provides improved memory access in the virtual machines. Users are therefore able to scale the virtualization environment vertically; this in turn allows the environment to support a large amount of virtual machines in a given host, whilst still continuing to leverage fast migration for scalability in the hosts.


Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) interfaces and APIs in Microsoft Hyper-V Servers enables increased access to custom tools, enhancements and utilities quickly and efficiently within the virtualization platform.

Other New Features:

New features in Windows Server Virtualization allows the system to use fewer system resources, while at the same time allowing applications to run more speedily. These improved features combine to reduce administration and support efforts for Web-based applications, as well as provide enhanced security, file transfer services and extended functionality.

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