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Campfire Support(TM)

Striving For 100% Customer Satisfaction

Delivering Customer Support(TM) isn’t just about answering questions, or responding to inquiries.
It’s about getting access to truly competitive products, award-winning customer service and about building a long-term relationship that is continually focused on delivering real-life answers.
It’s our goal to ease the responsibility of maintaining a website, running or mail server or anything that helps our customers business' succeed over the long-term.
With industry-leading service levels and money-back guarantees, we had to innovate to deliver on our promises and to ensure that we not only meet the needs of our customers – but exceed them!

What is Campfire Support(TM) ?

What's makes Campfire Support(TM) work? It’s a time-proven methodology that ensures that every customer question or escalation, receives a 360°  review from our entire company. What this means is that customer service is an integral part of our company and isn’t just an extension of it. Each team member, from our senior management to our interns, participates each day in reviewing, resolving and redefining solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We do this by utilizing our years of experience, proven leadership, and the willingness to work with our customers to find solutions to their problems – no matter how big or small.

Campfire Support(TM) Methodology

Using this approach, we are setup deliver on our goal of 100% customer satisfaction by delivering rapid responses to your questions and ensuring that every response meets your expectations. Our customers:
  • Receive a 360° review on every question
  • Improve productivity by getting the answers they need
  • Benefit from service flexibility and continually improving business processes
  • Receive accelerated response times and improved ROI
If you have any questions about Campfire Support(TM), or how we can support your business, contact our customer service department at 800-571-8377 and they will help you find the solutions you need.

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