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Open Xen VS. Xenserver
– What VPS Hosting Plan Is Best For You

Open Xen is a paravirtualization platform developed by the open source community, while Xenserver is based upon the same Xen code it is a closed platform produced by Citrix.
Described below are the attributes and benefits that you can expect when signing up for a Xenserver VPS web hosting plan.

Open Xen is a platform which acts like hardware emulation. It works through Paravirtualization that creates an interface virtually between the system hardware and operating system which responds to requests from the operating systems that have been modified to interact with the virtual interface.

Xen makes is possible for multiple guest operating systems to run a on a single server using a hypervisor to mediate and access the real hardware. Essentially the hypervisor controls and directs access and coordinating requests from the operating systems.

Similar to Open Xen, Xenserver is a paravirtualization platform which is very similar to hardware emulation, and carries many of the same features as Open Xen. However, what makes Xenserver unique is that it is a closed version of Xen that is built and tested by Citrix. As far as VPS web hosting plans go, Xenserver gives customers the most ability to control their resources and function almost as if they were utilizing their own server. Secondly, we can get the software installed and virtual machine running in a range of 5 to 10 minutes, and more importantly for customers Xenserver comes with advanced features like live migration that ease the process when you want to move your files onto the Xen platform that can be completed in just a few minutes.

Choose the Right VPS Platform for Your Needs

In terms of picking one or the other, Xenserver is really setup and created for businesses. If you need a one of even a few servers for business applications, or want to mimic a dedicated server without the required hardware, it is a great way to go. It’s professionally packaged, has some great built in resources and best of all can be up and running in just a few short minutes.

Key Benefits of Hosting Metro’s Xenserver VPS Plans

  • Complete system isolation from other VMs
  • Provisioned in just a few minutes
  • Full root access to file system and resources
  • Built in management tools
  • 2 Dedicated IP address(es)
  • Lower costs for hardware and IT-related expenses
  • Direct connection using SSH, Remote Desktop, or Terminal Services
  • Choice of multiple operating systems including CentOS, debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSUSE
  • Protection for your server from others on the same server
  • Install/uninstall programs or services
  • State-of-the-art servers with no hardware maintenance costs

Ready to get started?

Open a XenServer VPS account today and select the plan that is right for you.

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